Field observations provide teacher candidates with an introduction to the public school environment from the standpoint of a future educator.  You will be able to experience hands-on lesson planning, professional expectations, focused observations, and thoughtful reflections as you will apply your university/ACP coursework to the public school classroom system.


Field observation students who work directly with campuses and with students are required to complete a field observation criminal history authorization form.  This form will serve as written intent to serve as a field observation student in Magnolia ISD.  The information obtained is strictly confidential and will be processed through the Magnolia ISD Human Resource Office. 


To comply with this directive, the following procedures must be completed prior to conducting of field observation with Magnolia ISD:


1.  Field observation students must complete an online field observation application including the Criminal History Authorization/DPS form.


 NOTE: The field observation student must attach the approved university/ACP acceptance letter  by  attaching/scanning it to the application in the required field of the application. Failure to submit an acceptance letter will place a hold on processing the field observation application. 


 2.  After the proper information has been submitted to Human Resources, Human Resources will complete the DPS criminal history information process.


 3.  Human Resources will notify the student when they are eligible to begin field observations.  It will be the responsibility of the field observation student to contact the campus secretary to schedule field observation  times.


Field Observation Guidelines:


Thank you in advance for choosing Magnolia ISD to do your field observation!